In spite of the rise of our average income and the quality of the living standard, the oral disease-caries, periodontal disease and oral cancer are still prevalent in our country. Besides, the percentage of the aging people is increasing. In this case, oral experts will not be sufficient to meet the growing needs of the dental care in the near future. Therefore, the school of Dental Hygiene is set up to prepare a group of professional dental hygienists for the prevention and treatment of oral diseases.



The main objective of the school is to educate students to be professional dental hygienists, who will assist the government to make plans to improve the oral health of the aboriginal population and inhabitants on the small islands around Taiwan. These professionals are also supposed to work together with the local community to enforce the concept in “Prevention is better than treatment”, in order to lower the susceptibility of oral disease and improve the public health of the community. The over all objectives, generally speaking, is to improve the oral health status of all population in Taiwan.