Fall- Semester 1

  1. Language Courses (Mandarin Chinese,Required,(2))
  2. Language Courses (English,Required,2)
  3. Language Courses (English Listening&Speaking,Required,1)
  4. General Courses (Required,8)
  5. U000004 Introduction to Oral Health (Elective,2)
  6. U000010 Physical Education (Required,0)
  7. U000152 Introduction to Public Health (Elective,2)
  8. U000153 Service Learning (Required,0)
  9. U000200 General Chemistry (Required,2)
  10. U000201 General Chemistry Laboratory (Elective,1)
  11. U000218 Basic Dental Hygiene Laboratory (Elective,1)

Spring- Semester 2

  1. Language Courses (Mandarin Chinese,Required,(2))
  2. Language Courses (English,Required,2)
  3. Language Courses (English Listening&Speaking,Required,1)
  4. General Courses (Required,8)
  5. U000010 Physical Education (Required,0)
  6. U000161 Introduction to Oral Medicine (Elective,2)
  7. U000198 Oral Health Education (Elective,2)
  8. U000202 General Biology (Required,2)
  9. U000204 General Biology Laboratory (Elective,2)
  10. U000214 Organic Chemistry (Elective,2)
  11. U000217 Physical Assessment for Dental Patients (Elective,2)
  12. U000219 Basic Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice (Elective,2)

Fall- Semester 3

  1. Core Course*of General Education (Required,2~3)
  2. Physical Education (Required,0)
  3. U000121 Clinical Oral Health Care (Required,2)
  4. U000118 Basic Oral Health Laboratory (Required,1)
  5. U000094 Dental Public Health (Required,2)
  6. U000017 Oral Embryology & Histology (Required,2)
  7. U000213 Oral Health Biology (Elective,2)
  8. U000211 Laboratory of Anatomy (Elective,2)
  9. U000192 Seminar (Elective,2)
  10. U000184 Career Planning for Oral Health (Elective,2)
  11. U000167 Introduction to Material Science  (Elective,2)

Spring- Semester 4

  1. Core Course* of General Education (Required,2~3)
  2. Physical Education (Required,0)
  3. U000197 Dental Materials (Required,2)
  4. U000191 Diet & Nutrition in Oral Health (Elective,2)
  5. U000173 Cell & Molecular Biology Experiments (Elective,2
  6. U000172 Oral Health Care System (Elective,2)
  7. U000157 Development in Oral Health Technique (Elective,2)
  8. U000155 School Oral Health Laboratory (Required,1)
  9. U000123 Molecular Biology(Elective,2)
  10. U000119 Basic Oral Health Laboratory (Required,1)
  11. U000108 Independent Studies (Required,1)
  12. U000100 Oral Microbiology(Required,2)
  13. U000099 Oral Health Promotion(Required,2)
  14. U000024 Epidemiology (Required,2)
  15. U000015 Dental Morphology(Required,2)

Fall- Semester 5

  1. U000104 Community Oral Health (Required,2)
  2. U000107 Dental Technology (Elective,2)
  3. U000111 Independent Studies (II) (Elective,2)
  4. U000125 Infection Control in Dentistry (Required,2)
  5. U000127 Clinical Laboratory for Dental Hygienist (I) (Required,1)
  6. U000156 English for Oral Hygiene Science(Elective,2)
  7. U000169 Oral Health Industry(Elective,2)
  8. U000176 Dental Medical Devices (Required,2)
  9. U000178 Oral Health Prevention (Required,2)
  10. U000180 Introduction to Dental Radiology (Required,1)
  11. U000187 Introduction to Biomaterials(Elective,2)
  12. U000195 Oral Tumor Biology (Required,2)

Spring- Semester 6

  1. U000105 Oral Pathology(Required,2)
  2. U000110 Dental Pharmacology(Required,2)
  3. U000132 Geriatric Oral Health Care(Required,1)
  4. U000135 Clinical Laboratory for Dental Hygienist (II) (Required,1)
  5. U000158 New Trends in Oral Health (Elective,2)
  6. U000174 Health Insurance & Payment Systems(Elective,2)
  7. U000175 Japanese for Oral Health Scienc(Elective,2)
  8. U000179 Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene(Required,2)
  9. U000181 Periodontology for the Dental Hygienist(Elective,2)
  10. U000193 Independent Studies (III) (Elective,2)

Fall- Semester 7

  1. U000048 Clinical Clerkship of Oral Hygiene (I) (Required,2)
  2. U000063 Clinical Clerkship of Oral Hygiene (II) (Required,2)
  3. U000065 Seminar of Oral Hygiene(Required,2)
  4. U000116 Oral Tissue Engineering (Elective,2)
  5. U000139 Oral Health of Special Needs Patients (Elective,2)
  6. U000170 Introduction to Biotechnology Instrumentation (Elective,2)
  7. U000171 Dental Clinic Administration (Elective,2)
  8. U000186 Oral Medical Law & Ethic (Required,2)
  9. U000194 Independent Studies (IV) (Elective,2)

Spring- Semester 8

  1. U000145 Clinical Internship of Oral Hygiene (Required,12)


  1. Language Courses: 8 credits in Mandarin Chinese and English
    a) Mandarin Chinese: 2 credits offered for freshmen
    b) English: 4 credits offered for freshmen. The course groups students into three ability groups based on the students’ scores earned at the College Entrance Examinations. Results of ability grouping are announced before students enroll for their classes. For details see the policy for Ability Grouping for Freshman English Instruction.
    c) English listening & speaking: 2 credits offered for freshmen
  2. *General Courses: 16~24 credits and in two areas – elective and Core Courses of General Education
    a) The Electives: 10~16 credits in humanities and arts, social science, and natural & life sciences. Each area is detailed as follows: i) Humanities and arts:4~6 credits offered for freshmen; ii) Social science: 4~6 credits offered for freshmen; and iii) Natural & life sciences:2~ 4 credits offered for freshmen; 
    b) Core courses: 6~8 credits in lectures and special topics. Each is detailed as follows: i) Lectures: 6 to 8 credits offered for sophomores and ii) Special topics: maximum 2 credits or one course offered for sophomores
  3. Liberal Classic Lectures: This offers 0 credit but students are required to satisfy a total of 16 hours before graduation by attending invited lectures, arts exhibitions, and performances on campus. The grade is assigned either P or F to indicate Pass or Fail.